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Uttarakhand Co-operative Dairy Federation Ltd. (UCDF Ltd.) is the apex $

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Uttarakhand Co-operative Dairy Federation Ltd. (UCDF Ltd.) is the apex federation of district milk cooperative unions in the state of Uttarakhand.


Monthly Progress Report ( Feb 2018)

Latest News Published on : 13/03/2018

November 2017 Month MPR

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October 2017 Month MPR

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Mr. Rajveer Singh

In the current scenario of the technological age it’s a matter of great joy, that Uttaranchal Co-operative Dairy Federation has launched its website. As you are aware that the milk co-operative has significant economical and social contribution in the Uttarakhand state. View More...

Mr. Sanjay Kumar

(Director of Dairy development, Uttarakhand)
In spite of many challenges and inequities related to animal husbandry support and trust, Uttarakhand state growth continuously in milk production as compared to other Himalayan states, and is on the move constantly in this area. View More...

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UCDF Ltd. Abbreviation as Uttrakhand Co-operative Dairy Federation Ltd. Is an apex level state federation of district Milk Co-operative Unions in the State of Uttrakhand. It was established in the year 2001, under registration no; 555, Dated 12-03-2001, with its head office at Mangal Parao, Haldwani (Nainital) for the successful Implementation of the dairy Programme within the Sate. Organization has registered brand name, Known as “AANCHAL”. The Uttarakhand Co-operative Dairy Federation (UCDF) came into existence as a successor body to the Uttar Pradesh Cooperative Dairy Federation Ltd., after the formation of Uttarakhand as 27th sate on 9th Nov 2000. The UCDF Ltd. Was registered under the Uttarakhand State Co-operative act in the year 2001. View More...

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ProductsTotal 15 product are produced by UCDF under "AANCHAL" Brand Name.

Milk UnionsUCDF is actively operational with 12 milk union in Uttarakhand state.

Collection CentersWe have 500 Collection centers under all Milk Unions of UCDF.

Quality ControlWe take Quality Control policy at first place.