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Badri Cow Ghee

Badri Cow Ghee is A2 Ghee made from the nutritious A2 milk of Badri Cows, These cow freely  grazes in the high Himalayan region  in natural surroundings, with adequate access to medicinal plants, sunlight and water. they cows feed on organic and native herbs and shrub rich in calcium, vitamin A & B. Also these cows are feed with Sisnu ( Urtica diocia) these plants are found in high himalayan region and has many health benefits once it is boiled,This plant contain many nutrient such as Vitamin A,C,K and B ,minerals, fats, amino acid. Hence the milk extracted from the cows contains the same value. Badri cows produce upto 1 liter of milk only every day, but the milk has very high nutritious value.

Nutritious Value & Benifit

  • Badri cow ghee has rich taste and authentic flavor.
  • Badri cow ghee consists of high amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids which help reduce fat cells and triglycerides and  prevent the risk of heart attack.
  • High-quality A2 milk that has many remarkable health benefits.
  • Badri cow ghee consists of antioxidants which help the body to absorb essential vitamins and minerals

The making of Badri cow ghee

This traditional process of manufacturing Bilona ghee is fairly complex and required skills for continuous monitoring. 

Curdling of Milk

The milk is boiled in slow temperature,  boiled milk is cooled down and a spoonful of curd called jamavan is added to the milk. Overnight, the milk is kept inside an earthen pot and gets converted into curd.


A wooden churner called “Bilona” is used to churn the curd, The makkhan obtained from the churning process. Floating Makkhan is seprated from the butter milk


At a medium flame, the makkhan is melted in a container. In this boiling process, a visible solid layer of ghee is formed,badri  cow ghee turn yellow golden.

Ghee is filtered which is Rich in Flavour, with a Nutty and Grainy texture.

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