UCDF – Aanchal

As the motto of the co-operation “of the people, by the people and for the people” organization system works in “Three Tier System” i.e. village, district and state level and every tier of the system works together to ensure organization’s long term vision in the following terms –

  • To ensure prosperity of the rural milk producers who are ultimate owners of the Federations/Unions/Village Dairy Co-operatives.
  • To promote producers oriented viable cooperative structure in the state to impart an impetus to the dairy productivity, rural income generation and employment.
  • To march forward with a missionary zeal enabling UCDF a vanguard of exemplary performance and achievement beckoning other milk federations in the country in pursuit of total emulation of its good deeds.
  • To reduce the price spread between the procurement and the sale price of milk.
  • To develop business acumen in marketing and trading discipline so as to serve consumers with quality milk.
  • To compete with multinational companies and private dairies with better quality of milk and milk products and in the process sustain invincibility of cooperatives safe guarding the interests of both milk producers and consumers.

Organization Objectives

  • To build and develop village level institutions as cooperative model units to manage the dairy activities.
  • To ensure assured and remunerative market round the year for the milk produced by the farmer members at their doorsteps.
  • To channelize marketable surplus milk from the rural areas to urban deficit areas to maximize the returns to the producer and provide quality milk and milk products to the consumers.
  • To ensure provision of inputs for milk production inputs, processing facilities and dissemination of technical know-how.
  • To carryout activities for promoting Production, Procurement, Processing and Marketing of milk and milk products for economic development of the farming community.
  • To facilitate rural development by providing opportunities for self-employment at village level, preventing migration to urban areas, introducing cash economy and opportunity for a sustained income from dairy enterprise.
  • To provide technical consultancy to its member milk unions for upgrading their infrastructure and product range.
  • To carryout research and development activities to bring out with the different product ranges according to the market needs.
  • Strengthening of veterinary infrastructure in the village and provide training in cattle management at village level.
  • Skill Enhancement of dairy workers and associate producer members, through organized training programme at state/out of state level in different time interval.


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